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By registering yourself on the KeoLife Week website, you confirm that you are an employee of Keolis or one of its subsidiaries and that you have read the terms and conditions of use. In accordance with the amended French law 06/01/78, you have a right to access, correct, refute and remove information about you by writing to the Keolis Communication Department (20 rue Le Peletier, 75320 Paris Cedex 09, FRANCE), and stating your full name and e-mail address. Those who exercise their right to have their details removed before the end of KeoLife Week will be considered as having withdrawn their participation from the event.

By registering myself on the KeoLife Week Platform, I accept that my photograph(s), which will be linked to my first name and my name, may be reproduced, represented and broadcast on the KeoLife Week 2018 platform, I guarantee that my photo does not violate any intellectual property rights or any privacy rights, and I authorise the Organising Company, which is Keolis SA or any Keolis’ subsidiary according to French business law, on a free and non-exclusive basis, throughout the world and for the duration of copyright protection, to publish, reproduce, leverage, broadcast, modify, represent, distribute, use and/or reuse the uploaded photo(s) in any form of promotional advertising and in the advertising and promotion of its activities, products and services as part of marketing campaigns, internal and external communications, institutional communications on any media current or future (notably paper, magnetic, digital or opto-digital, organic, optical, etc.), in any format (notably JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc.) and by any means or method of communication, telecommunication or distribution current or future, including via broadcast or on demand (notably via internet sites, intranet and/or extranet sites of the Organising Company or affiliated, group or partner companies, social networks, apps for mobile devices, etc.) whatever the technology, protocol or conveyance method (notably radio waves, cable, satellite, etc.) of communication used, through the intermediary of a machine or device and to all receiving terminals (notably televisions, computers, mobile telephones, PDAs, tablets, etc.)

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